Using Git-Tf: Suppress the TFS warning when loading a solution

You’ve started using Git-TF?   ….Yes

But now you’re annoyed when opening the solution in Visual Studio, because TFS informs you it can’t find a mapping and asks you if you want to temporarily open the project or remove source control bindings? …Yes

You’re tempted to remove source control bindings? …Yes

But that wouldn’t be appreciated by the other developers on your team. So, let’s make that dialog disappear without removing source control bindings.

These instructions work for Visual Studio 2010/TFS 2010. All bets are off for other versions.

Step 1 – Install TFS Powertools

Download TFS Powertools from Visual Studio Gallery and install.

Step 2 – Bring up TFS Connection dialog

Open command prompt and run “tfpt connections“. See screenshot.

Step 3 – Find TFS project you are working in and click ‘Edit…’

In the screenshot below, the top-level items in the tree control (redacted in black) is the TFS server and the second-level items in the tree control (redacted in red) is the project on the TFS server. Click on the related project and then click the ‘Edit…‘ button.

Step 4 – Mark the Server Offline

You must check the ‘Server is offline’ checkbox. See screenshot.

Note: You must check the ‘Server is offline’ checkbox, my screenshot only shows it unchecked, so you know what the dialog will look like when you bring it up.

Step 5 – Enjoy

You will no longer be bothered with dialogs asking if you want to remove source control bindings when you open the solution in Visual Studio.

You will still be able to use the Team Explorer.